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Dealing With Camshaft Tensioner Leaks in Your Audi from Expert Mechanics in Pineville

by Dutch Silverstein August 22, 2020

When the camshaft tensioner in your Audi leaks, it can be quite concerning because you expect higher performance standards than you could find in domestic vehicles. No matter which brand or model you buy, you will occasionally experience issues. Camshaft tensioner leaks are common problems in Audis.

The important thing is to recognize when the tensioner is leaking and know what you can do to fix the problem before it spirals out of control. We are going to give you the best tips on how to deal with camshaft tensioner leaks before the leaks cause extensive damage to your Audi.

The Function of a Camshaft Tensioner

The main function of the camshaft tensioner is to keep the proper tension in the various belts in your car while driving. This will ensure optimal performance. The timing and serpentine belts are the primary focus of the camshaft tensioner.

The tensioner receives pressurized hydraulic oil from the engine and allows it to maintain belt tension. When this oil leaks, the tensioner will not hold the belts taut, and this leads to several issues that can catastrophically damage your Audi’s engine.

Warning Signs of Camshaft Tensioner Leaks in Audi

When your Audi vehicle experiences a camshaft tensioner leak, the symptoms will manifest in several different ways. Recognizing the signs will allow you to take your car to expert mechanics in the area before the damage becomes more extensive.

One of the first signs to look for is strange sounds coming from the engine. A loose belt will cause your Audi to make clicking or grinding noises that will become louder over time.

Difficulty accelerating over 2000 RPM can indicate an issue with the camshaft tensioner as well. Your driving performance will take a significant negative hit.

Ignition issues should not be ignored, as they are a sign of camshaft tensioner leaks. Your engine will have trouble combusting and your Audi will fail to start. This means that a belt has likely snapped completely, making repairs to your car more costly.

Another sure sign of a leak from the camshaft tensioner is the premature wear of the belts in your Audi. If the oil in your tensioner leaks, and there is nothing to keep the belts taut, the constant friction against the belt will cause it to fray and snap completely before it is due for a replacement.

Your Audi’s camshaft tensioner is vitally important because the belts control most functions in your car. Damage to either belt can cause malfunctions in several areas, including the battery and electronic features.

Take note of any changes in your driving experience, and if you notice any of these warning signs, you must deal with the problem immediately. If you don’t, you will waste a lot of time and money on repairs that would not have been nearly as expensive if caught early. The only surefire way to have your tensioner functioning properly again is to entrust your Audi to automotive experts and let them resolve the looming problems.

Dealing With Camshaft Tensioner Leaks: Trusting the Experts in Pineville

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Audi Timing Belt Repair

Your Audi was designed with power, safety, and comfort in mind. You have high expectations when it comes to your car, and the A&M team aims to uphold those expectations by quickly resolving any issues your Audi experiences, including camshaft tensioner leaks.

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* Audi Car image credit goes to: Bobislav.

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