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Causes of a BMW Lifter Ticking Noise by the Experts of Pineville

by Dutch Silverstein May 23, 2021

BMWs are excellent vehicles that are packed full of sophisticated features. They are high-performance machines that let you go fast while offering luxurious interiors for a top-notch driving experience. BMW owners will want to be aware that models equipped with an N52 engine may experience a ticking noise from the lifter.

The ticking is a common issue with the N52 model engine due to a defective design, and it happens because of a bad hydraulic valve lifter, a bad push rod, or dirty oil. Having a ticking noise coming from your engine can be scary. However, you can set your mind at ease by bringing your BMW to A&M Auto Service in Pineville, NC. If you hear a ticking noise come from your lifter, get it checked out today before it causes significant damage to your engine.

Causes of a Ticking Noise from Your BMW Lifter

One of the main functions of a hydraulic valve lifter is to keep your engine running smoothly and quietly. The ticking noise that comes from the BMWs hydraulic valve lifter is because of the poor design of the N52 engine. Three common reasons make the valve lifter tick. The ticking will get worse if it is cold outside or while driving around town.

The N52 engine is known to be a difficult engine to diagnose. It is recommended that you see an experienced mechanic that specializes in BMW repair. Our mechanics are trained in all things BMW and can quickly diagnose any issue you may have to get you back on the road.

If you notice you notice a clicking noise, the following will likely be the issue:

  • Dirty engine oil: If the oil in your BMW is dirty, the hydraulic valve lifter will not perform as smoothly, which could cause the clicking noise. The same issue would happen if you had low engine oil. Either way, we can fix this for you by servicing your BMW with our premium oil change service.
  • Damaged push rod: The push rod opens both the exhaust and intake valve. If the rod is pushed too hard, it could cause it to bend or get damaged. When this happens, your lifter may start ticking. Replacing damaged push rods is a difficult process and should not be attempted by a DIY auto enthusiast. You should trust our experienced mechanics who know the ins and outs of push rod repair.
  • Bad lifter: Over time, your hydraulic valve lifter may get worn out with wear and tear. When this happens, it could cause it to start ticking.

Hearing the clicking may seem to be more of an annoyance than a serious issue. To ensure that your BMW stays in great shape, you should get it checked out by us to ensure that there is no bigger issue than what you may believe.

If you hear a clicking coming from your BMW, you need to get it checked out as soon as possible. What may seem like a small problem can quickly become a major repair that will cost you significantly more. Our team of experienced professionals can quickly diagnose what is wrong with your BMW and get you back on the road fast.

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