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  • Porsche Driveshaft

    Dealing with Driveshaft Support Failure in Porsches

    Porsches are known for their speed and elegance. They are considered one of the most enviable cars in the industry. However, their high-performance comes at a cost. Parts that are prone to wear and tear are more likely to fail when driven in the manner the Porsche demands. Add that to a potentially faulty center bearing on the driveshaft, and it’s both costly and irritating.

    The issue of the faulty center bearing is most likely limited to Porsche Cayennes Read More
  • Porsche Oil Change

    How to Deal With Metal Shavings in Oil of Your Porsche in Pineville

    The Porsche is such a gorgeous vehicle. Its sleek appeal and out-of-this-world performance makes this car a gem. Many people go through great lengths to get their hands on one of these beauties simply to push the engine to the limit.

    These vehicles provide more than just aesthetic appeal. In fact, they carry quite the power. Their engines are incomparable, as is their ability to magnificently hug the road with ease. It’s no wonder this car is highly regarded all… Read More
  • Porsche Fuel Pump

    How to Diagnose Fuel Pump Leaks in Porsches

    Porsches are made for people who want to drive in style, separated just a little from the ordinary world around them. They are not built primarily for getting good gas mileage. However, when you start to notice something is off with your fuel consumption, it may be a sign that your Porsche fuel pump is not working correctly.

    Unusually Low Gas Mileage

    One of the early signs of a fuel pump leak in your Porsche is that you… Read More