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BMW Dark Smoke from Exhaust

Best Repair Shop in Pineville to Fix PCV Valve Failure in Your BMW

by Dutch Silverstein August 6, 2020

A positive crankcase ventilation valve, or PCV valve, plays a vital role in a highly-engineered BMW. When the valve is functioning as it should, your car runs as designed. Failure of the PCV valve, however, can potentially have dire consequences to your vehicle and your pocketbook.

Let’s discuss the signs of a failed valve, the potential damage that can occur if you choose to operate the vehicle without repair, and what to do if your vehicle exhibits symptoms of a failed valve.

Purpose of a PCV Valve

Before the invention of PCV valves, vehicles allowed engine vapors to escape into the environment. For many years automobiles operated in this way, but with thousands driving the roads, releasing these vapors into the atmosphere contributing to smog in cities and pollution in general. The PCV valve was invented as an answer to this problem and helps reduce damage to the environment.

Symptoms of a Failed PCV Valve

The valve itself is a simple answer to the formerly-significant problem of pollution. The valve should function properly in most vehicles. However, when something goes wrong with the PCV valve, it must be addressed immediately so as not to cause further damage to your BMW.

  • As PCV valves become clogged over time, the first symptom you may notice is your gas not going as far as in the past. If you suspect reduced fuel consumption, a faulty PCV valve is a possible cause.
  • Misfiring may also be a sign of a bad PCV valve. Usually, this will manifest itself in a rough idle at startup or when stopped with the engine running.
  • A leaking PCV valve sometimes causes excessive oil consumption. If common oil checks and feedback from oil changes show oil usage, this could be a cause and needs to be addressed.
  • Dark smoke leaving your exhaust can be related to a weak PCV valve and is a sure sign to have your vehicle checked.
  • A faulty PCV valve will cause a Check engine light Once the check engine light is activated, a technician will be able to run a computer diagnostic check to see if a bad valve is the cause.

Damage Caused by a Faulty PCV Valve

Continuing to operate your vehicle with a poor or failed PCV valve can cause damage and cost you money. Here are a few examples of what can go wrong if you continue to operate your BMW with a faulty PCV valve.

  • If you use excessive oil, this means it could be leaking out and not serving its purpose to keep your engine from friction heat and damage. If you are not aware of oil loss during your vehicle’s operation, damage to your BMW engine can be unnecessarily costly.
  • Pressure buildup inside the engine due to a faulty valve can cause blown engine gaskets, leading to expensive repairs. Blown gaskets can cause the oil to escape your engine and even allow coolant and water to enter.
  • Oil contamination and sludge buildup can occur in the engine. The protection oil normally provides then becomes less efficient, leading to engine damage.
  • Reduced gas mileage due to a clogged valve can cost a significant amount of money over time. It’s far more simple to repair the PCV valve rather than nurse a problem along for months.

A&M Auto Service Can Solve Your PCV Valve Issues

If your BMW shows symptoms of a clogged or faulty PCV valve, bring it to our care at A&M Auto Service. We specialize in maintaining and repairing European vehicles, including BMWs, and have enjoyed serving our clients for over 22 years.

BMW Faulty PCV Valve Fix

When it comes to troubleshooting and repairing failed PCV valves, we have seen and spent many hours getting BMW’s operating back on the road. A&M Auto Service has three locations in Pineville, Charlotte, and Greensboro, NC. We will solve your valve replacement issues and other mechanical needs and get you safely back on the road.

Our technicians are ASE-certified with dealer-level factory training, and our shop is Bosch and Napa Auto care authorized.

We understand the importance of catching and correcting issues such as a PCV valve failure before it becomes a costly engine repair. We look forward to building confidence in our work so you return to us for all your maintenance and service needs. Contact us today for a full diagnostic of your PCV valve and repair.

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