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Jaguar Oil Pan Gasket

Best Place in Pineville to Get Your Jaguar’s Oil Pan Gasket Repaired

by Dutch Silverstein June 3, 2020

Jaguars are sleek, formidable vehicles that adhere to strict performance standards. Their seamless blend of sensuality, quality, and comfort makes Jaguar a must-have for European vehicle enthusiasts, power lovers, and speed demons. This level of class is only attained by finely-crafted and well-tuned engines that make every countryside drive as smooth as silk.

As such, Jaguars are only able to maintain their excellent performance standards if they receive the best care possible to keep their sensitive systems operating at full capacity. One of the most important aspects of keeping your Jaguar purring like a kitten is to ensure the engine’s lubrication system is a well-oiled machine.

Unfortunately, oil pan gasket leaks are common amongst certain models of engine, and not addressing potential leaks as soon as they’re noticed can cause irreparable damage to your car’s engine. In turn, this will tank your Jaguar’s function and performance until the vehicle is nigh undrivable. As such, it’s essential to be aware of the signs of oil pan gasket leaks to catch a disaster before it strikes.

The Oil Pan and Oil Pan Gasket

Oil pans are where your engine’s lubrication system collects the oil when it’s not being flushed throughout the system. Due to their location beneath the vehicle, they are prime targets for damage on bumpy, gravely, or otherwise uneven roads. It’s rather common for the oil pan or the gasket lining the pan to leak.

Oil pan gaskets also experience high levels of wear and tear over time due to the heat of the engine, but reckless driving and poor road conditions can also worsen previous problems. If the gaskets break or erode, the engine will lose its oil – sometimes as quickly as overnight – and the engine will overheat when running due to an improperly lubricated system. Over even a short period of time, this can cause severe engine damage, which will need to be addressed.

Signs of Oil Pan Gasket Leaks

Aside from oily residue dripping beneath your vehicle, oil pan gasket leaks can cause other accumulative symptoms. In some cases, issues may arise suddenly, but a large majority of the time, symptoms appear gradually.

Oil on the ground

If you notice your Jaguar appears to have sprung an oil leak overnight, this is a sign that something in your engine is cracked or worn down. While small issues can be addressed in the interim by topping off your engine’s oil, it’s essential to see a mechanic for inspection as soon as possible before the problem grows beyond a few drops in the driveway every morning.

Dashboard warning lights

If your dashboard oil light flashes on, or if your check engine, maintenance required, or pressure lights illuminate, it’s time to seek out a mechanic. These warnings could indicate tiny leaks, but if multiple lights flash at the same time, this is indicative that there is a more substantial lubrication system failure within your engine.


If you ever notice smoke emitting from your engine, stop the vehicle and exit the car immediately until you’ve assessed the situation. While white smoke is usually expelled by overheated water-based fluids, blue smoke is due to oil burning somewhere in your combustion chamber or on your exhaust system.

Preventing Oil Pan Gasket Leaks

While there is no catch-all method to ensure you never get an oil leak, keeping up with your Jaguar’s maintenance schedule with your certified mechanic is a good place to start. Additionally, you can perform weekly inspections of your engine, monitor fluid levels biweekly and top off low fluids as needed, and examine where you park most frequently for signs of an oil leak.

A&M Auto Service Can Help

If you experience any signs of oil leak in your Jaguar’s oil pan gasket, bring your baby into A&M Auto Service of Pineville, Charlotte, and Greensboro, NC today.

Jaguar Oil Pan Gasket Leak Fix

A&M’s certified technicians have decades of high-end and European make car maintenance and repair experience. We offer a full selection of Jaguar service and maintenance, from oil changes to oil pan gasket leak repair to more in-depth engine work, so you can rest assured your Jaguar is only touched by the experienced hands you trust.

Additionally, every service is backed by a 3-year, 36,000-mile warranty, so you know driving off the lot that you are protected wherever the road may take you.

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