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Most Amazing Features in Recent Porsche Models

by Dutch Silverstein December 28, 2017

The Porsche brand is synonymous with excellence and luxury. Drivers have continually sought after Porsche models such as the Macan, Cayenne, Panamera, 911, Cayman, and Boxster, all of which perfectly meet the needs of various types of audiences across the board. The newer Porsche models in recent years, and even future plans for other models in the years to come involve upgrades and enhancements that will thrill even the most adamant of Porsche enthusiasts. Streamlined increased technology use has been included for safety features as well as convenience, making these vehicles the safest, and most exciting they’ve ever been. With plenty of upgrade offers, these cars can range greatly in price, but don’t let that deter you—the stock models are highly impressive as-is. If you love the Porsche brand as much as we do, here’s a little bit of information about some of the most amazing features in recent Porsche models, and even a little bit about what’s coming next.

718 Boxster

At roughly 60,000 a pop, this model underwent an entire makeover under the hood. Both the 718 Boxster and Boxster S have increased horsepower and increased torque, making them even faster and more impressive than before—a total force to be reckoned with on the road. But don’t let these power enhancements fool you—this is a perfect car for everyday use, no matter the type of roadway you’re driving on. With not much difference in outward appearance from the earlier model Boxster, the look is still as sleek an elegant as before; however, it’s worth noting that the convertible top is a highly efficient upgrade from the last.

Macan and Macan Turbo

Ranging in price from 50,000 to upwards of 80,000 with bells and whistles added, this is the perfect crossover vehicle in compact form. With horsepower that compares to the most high-end hot-rods, and all-wheel drive that makes this vehicle comparable to some of the most luxurious crossovers on the market today, the Macan and Macan Turbo are excitingly efficient, yet fun to drive. The newest models have upgraded power-steering, and enhanced technological features that bring the standard models to a higher level of luxury. Perhaps the most attractive feature to the masses is the newly improved and competitive safety features such as the standard back-up cams and lane-drift signals that drivers look for in a luxury automobile.

Upcoming 2019 Cayenne

Lighter in overall body weight, this model is even faster than its predecessors. With enhanced tech-based turning stability, the new Cayenne will hug turns like never before. Additionally, its upgraded and more durable brake systems make this model a safer option for a family vehicle, allowing drivers to literally stop on a dime. Furthermore, the upgraded suspension makes the ride smoother and more comfortable on even the bumpier drives and tougher roadways. One of the most attractive features is that the stock tires will be wider all-around, in front and back, and offer more road grip overall, this will allow it to take turns more evenly and feel more securely connected to the road at all times. Because of the upgraded tire width, this vehicle’s contact with the road will be unrivaled, giving the driver more sense of control and stability.

Porsche Models

Our Passion for Porsche

The pros here at A&M Auto Service have a long-standing passion for the Porsche brand, and it translates into the quality of work we provide for the wide range of models we service. Serving Porsche clients in the areas of Pineville, Charlotte, and Greensboro, NC, we see great variation in Porsche models, but that doesn’t stop us from buffing up on the newer stuff that comes out each year. In order to remain competitive and provide the best, most specialized Porsche service in our area, we believe it’s critical to continue learning about the brands we know and love so well, but our hard work and effort certainly doesn’t stop there. Our certified technicians take special care in all the maintenance and repair work performed, because as a family-owned shop, we know how important it is to keep our clients safe on the road. If you drive a Porsche, no matter what year or model, contact us to assist you with any maintenance concern; we’re here to help make your drive safer, more efficient, and of course, more exciting.

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