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  • Pre-purchase Inspection

    The Importance of Pre-purchase Inspections Before Buying a Car in Pineville

    Although the town is small, living in Pineville requires adequate transportation, especially if you travel to work. The town’s suburban growth seems to reiterate the fact that public transportation doesn’t always cut it. So, you finally decided to spend all that money you had been saving up on a car. You got a great deal on it too! Although the car was used, it seemed like it was in mint condition. You have always wanted a new car, but… Read More
  • Pretty young woman refuel the car

    What to Choose? Gas or Diesel Engine

    You may see all the fuel options at the gas station when filling your car up and wonder what the benefits of each could be. Usually most drivers assume that diesel fuel is reserved for larger trucks and 18 wheelers but more and more car manufacturers are embracing diesel, meaning before you buy a new car, you should take a few minutes to decide which type of engine is more beneficial for you and your needs; diesel or gasoline.… Read More